Christina (pistolxbangbang) wrote in valley_ofdolls,

Name:Christina Marie

Top 10 Bands:(They change alot)Murder City Devils, Against me!, Peaches, The Faint, Le Tigre, Boys Night Out, The Cure, Tears For Fears, Echo and the bunnymen,salt n pepa. Oh, also jay-zeezer. If you haven't heard about this, it is amazing! Jay-Z mixed with Weezer. I'm not a big fan of weezer- but it is GODLY.
Choice of Drugs:The Internet, it is so incredibly addicting.
Choice of alcohol:Anything with vodka is delicious, especially white russians.


Sorry for the stupid crap done to it, I recently found that and have no idea where the original is. Probably long gone.

The ever so popular, flipping the camera off, I was mocking people that actually do that.

baby me.

I'm also auditioning for barbie commercials, if anyone can hook me up with a spot.

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